MINUTES from Friday 21st April 9am at School Main Hall

Date:         Friday 21st April 9am at School Main Hall

Attendees:         Angela Spang (Chair)                      Sarah Lloyd (Treasurer)                Suzanne Cummings (Secretary)

Sarah Morgan (Headteacher)       Helen Boulby                                 Jenny Bitjes-Edwards

Clare Wong                                      Jan Nicholls                                    Chris Wharton

Sarah Boszormenyi

Apologies: Tracy O’Hara


  1. Minutes of previous AGM (March 1st 2017) agreed. Apologies from Louisa Brammer and Heather Cooper


  1. Address by PTA Chair Angela Spang


–          KS1 open PTA event to engage parents

–          Engage class reps and class reps to attend PTA meetings?


  1. Address by Headteacher/ Chair of Governors Sarah Morgan

–    Alternative PTA website has been found, charity responsible for updates and content, automatic links to  twitter and facebook  Karen to swap data over, remove information from last year and switch off existing link. Objective to reintegrate into school website once current issues resolved. Post Meeting note – done

–    Noticeboards at either end of the school – Sarah Morgan has a meeting with the Station commander this week to discuss the patch side.

  1. Review of Events
Danesfield Ball Saturday 11th March Louisa Brammer

Voicemail feedback – potentially  £8,200 raised with one outstanding invoice and some company matching still due. Very positive feedback so far with lots of people enjoying the casino. Louisa will update us further at the next meeting.

Easter egg hunt Tuesday 28nd March Sarah Lloyd

Raised £820 fantastic parent support – thank you.

Movie Night 24th March 2, 2017


Janis Nicholls


Potentially £583


160 plus children

Second movie cancelled with no losses

Amazing hot dogs, good film choice

Hand back process to parents could be improved by utilizing more classrooms etc

Next time – call it a pyjama night rather than movie night.

Rebecca Sanderson and Janis have offered to host the next one

Event reliant on no Judo on a Friday night so need to block out some dates


  1. Treasurers Report

–    School’s safeguarding policy has been adopted (Sept 2016 – see PTA website), trustees should be DBS checked and key people organizing events should be aware of the school safeguarding policy & their responsibility.

–    issue of VAT on school / PTA activity discussed. Sarah Lloyd to follow up with Sean Collins and Ann-Marie (Bursar). Post meeting note – action completed. Invoices paid through PTA.

–    Year to date, the PTA has received £4,210 in donations through Localgiving. This includes £1,050 of matched funding through the Grow Your Tenner campaign and £619 of Gift Aid on donations. Thank you to everyone who has or is continuing to support the PTA with donations.  The annual subscription for Localgiving is £96 (up from £72 in prior years). The benefits of Grow Your Tenner and an upcoming one day matched fund opportunity outweigh the annual cost so the recommendation is to renew the subscription.

–    A contribution of £15,427 has been donated to Danesfield school to cover the costs of the staff car park enlargement £4,777, replacement bins £300, new picnic benches £1,500, First Aid training for staff £700, DSB re–check for staff £800, children’s writing workshop £550, Spellodrome and Mathletics £5,500, PE equipment repairs £800, and Arts Mark £500.


  1. School Priorities and Funding

–          Fencing – gate from field (for fire/ambulance access)

–          CCTV in main school needs updating with timed security

–          September – CPD money and teachers general stationery stock

–          Next big project for school discussed – extension of classrooms to double storey and music rooms extra space or extension of terrapin to cricket pavilion/summer style classroom

–          Cost of electronic screen in reception area with rolling list of PTA events – too expensive

  1. Upcoming events
Danesfield Dash 30th April Chris Wharton

140 runners so far


Need 5 more marshalls

1st Aid Course 5th May Rebecca Ahmed


Happy Circus 13th May 14.00-16.00 (gates open at 13.00) Angela Spang

ACTION: TICKETS ON SALE NOW £8 per person, <2yr free if on parents lap.

600 seats – 140 sold – start to push circus, easy parking

Disco 26th May ACTION: Need Reception volunteers
New starter Parents Evening Thursday 29th June  
Danesfest 15th July Sean Collins Need Volunteers
Cake Sale Dates 19th May – Yr1

16th June – Reception

14th July – donut sale

Rebecca Ahmed
Sports Day Refreshments KS1 27th June

KS2 7th July



Year 6 Leavers Tuesday 18th July  
Golf Day September David Copus / Chris Michel
Beer Festival Sept 2017 Gia Kroeff
Detective Challenge Sept 2017 Heather Cooper
KS1/KS2 Halloween Disco Oct 2017 Louisa Brammer
Christmas Fair Saturday 2 Dec 12-15.30 Angela Spang
Christmas Panto Update from Helen, unable to get tickets for after school. Possibility for tickets in school time. Sarah Morgan to check with county however consensus of room felt this was not appropriate with risk assessment etc.  
Science Fair ACTION: More info next meeting Susie Thomson


  1. Any Other Business – Post Meeting note – Date for AGM September 28th 7.30pm

–          All 3 trustees have signed the eligibility declaration

–          Sarah Lloyd to stand down as Treasurer  – will see out year end, nominations required – send information through the class reps?

–          Events for September discussed – 3 minute rock star karaoke event / Pub Quiz / Ceilidh / RAF band.. (Susie Thomson)

–          Car park – planning refused, work in progress

–          Money boxes – not an option

–          Parent Data Capture  – leverage skills of new parents entering the school, excel spreadsheet

–          KS1 & KS2 Open Mornings (26th & 19th May) – opportunity to ‘advertise’ what PTA does, what it has achieved and what help we need from parents going forward. Sarah Lloyd to prepare some slides.

  1. Date, time and venue of next meeting – Tuesday 20th June 7.30pm at the Two Brewers Pub, Marlow



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