Already thinking ahead for next year

I really enjoy my role as PTA Chair, despite perhaps not being your typical school mum. I am a serial entrepreneur, and am just about to hire employee number 13 and 14, as I also sign off on going direct in Sweden with my seventh company.

I fully understand being busy, and I fully respect that we all make our choices based on what we believe is best. One of the choices that I’ve made, is to help build a better school environment for my kids, and to show them that I am actively involved in caring for her, in more ways than helping with her homework. I show her that my business skills are useful also when it comes to raising fund, organising events or draw up a strategic and tactical plan for an organisation.

There are a group of parents in the school who have done an awful lot in previous years, and I can imagine how intimidating that must seem to those who are coming in new.

I want to reassure everyone that taking on a volunteering job does NOT need to be all consuming. We are well enough organised now that just doing one single newsletter is great…and entirely possible.

There are also bigger roles that need filling, and nominations are open now for

  • Chair
  • Vice Chair
  • Secretary
  • Vice Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • Vice Treasurer

I would like to see a fifty-fifty split between male and female comittee members, and would encourage you all to share the skills and experience available.

Kind regards

Angela Spang

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