​PTA Meeting Minutes 20th JUNE

Date:​Tuesday 20th June 2017, 7.30pm, The Two Brewers Pub, Marlow

Attendees:​Angela Spang (Chair)​Sean Collins (Chair of Governors)​Tracy O’Hara
​​Sarah Lloyd (Treasurer)​Louisa Brammer (Vice-Treasurer)​Lucy Rice
Apologies:​Sarah Morgan​​Heather Cooper​​​​Nikki Wright

1.​Minutes of previous meeting (April 21st 2017) agreed

2.​Review of recent events/fundraising activities:
a.​Danesfield Ball (Louisa Brammer) – Casino went down well with Ball attendees. Good cash generator on night. Disco was quiet. Recommend not to do photobooth again. Microsoft matched funding is approved, awaiting payment of approx £2k. Total profit will be around £8k.
b.​Danesfield Dash (Chris Wharton) – similar number of runners as prior year. Good feedback from runners about quality of event. Liked the quality of the medals. Great event. Thank you to Chris Wharton for organising and to volunteers for helping on the day. Profit approx. £7.8k.
​Suggestions: Children’s race to be run before the main race so parents can watch their children, and possibility of a creche / childcare (provided by school teachers / TAs?) so that both parents can run race.
c.​First Aid Course (Rebecca Ahmed) – Good feedback about engaging, knowledgeable trainer. Good defibrilator demonstration. The event was not well publicised (word of mouth only) but well attended. Suggestions: Can we do a similar event for children (& parents) and maybe avoid Fridays if doing another evening session for parents.
d.​Circus – The show seemed to be well received by those who attended. Only 317 tickets sold out of 600 capacity resulting in a small loss for the event. Circus scheduled on same date as Marlow Fair so conflict for some families. Happy’s Circus doing other schools in area around same time so no real opportunity for ticket sales outside school. No advertising banner. Apparent lack of ‘buzz’ around school about the event and lack of volunteers to help on the day.
​Recommendation: May work as part of a bigger summer fair event in the future, but in itself would be difficult to generate any significant return from running a stand-alone circus event again.
e.​Cake Sales (Rebecca Ahmed & year groups) – There have been 3 since last meeting. The Reception class cake sale (the most recent one) took less money despite fantastic number of cakes. Date seemed to change at last minute. No ‘Cake Sale’ signs up on the day. Y5 just returning from trip.

3.​PTA Committee & Roles
a.​Nominations for new PTA Secretary – None received. Will re-advertise and look for volunteers.
b.​Treasurer & Comms roles vacancies from September – Suggestion from Angela that she also steps down as Chair to give opportunity for a new team of volunteers to step in. Concern raised that this may be daunting for new parents. Angela will stand for re-election if no-one else steps forward with aim of providing continuity and stability.
​Action:​Angela – To draft letter to be sent out before the end of the Summer Term with date of AGM and requirement for new Treasurer, Secretary, and potentially Chair to be elected at the meeting.

4.​Treasurers Report
a.​​Summary of Income / Outgoings since last meeting – further £2k raised (up to £35k year to date), primarily Danesfield Dash income, cake sale revenue, on-going donations & Christmas Card project income, partially offset by Circus costs. No contributions to school this period.
b.​Ruskells have agreed to complete the Independent Examiner’s Report. Thank you to them.
c.​LocalGiving – Small Charity Week Fund Match – agreed to send out email on Thursday 22nd June requesting donations which would be matched up to £250 in total. Action: Sarah L
​Post meeting comment: Email not sent due to unforeseen personal circumstances on day. Apologies. However, the LocalGiving fund ran out in one hour anyway so unlikely to have benefitted from the opportunity.
d.​Santa Sleigh & Round table ducks – no income yet in current financial year. Action: Sarah L to contact Andy Townsend or Matt Bonfield.
e.​Shawbrook – Discussed whether to transfer excess funds to deposit account. Agreed to wait until the end of the financial year in case of any late requests from School before the summer holidays.
f.​Thank you letters / cards / communication to company sponsors – Lucy asked if we do anything to keep our sponsors informed of PTA activity. Feedback that usually event organisers send Thank You letters to sponsors of their events. Action: Lucy to investigate opportunity to send a year end or Christmas thank you letter / card / certificate on behalf of the PTA.

5.​Fund Raising Project / School Priorities
Two new funding requests approved:
1)​Acoustic panels in learning areas with new vinyl floors £5k – Reception classrooms, Y4 classrooms and 21st Century Classroom, where noise exceeds safe acoustic levels, to be fitted with acoustic panels.
2)​New Server £10k

6.​Upcoming events/ activities
a.​New Starter Parents Day & Evening – 29th June – Sarah L plus 2 Year 3 parents & 1 reception volunteer so far to cover morning / afternoon refreshments. Action: Sarah L to seek additional reception parents to support event.
b.​Sports Day Refreshments – KS1 Tuesday 27th June & KS2 Friday 7th July – 2 or 3 volunteers have come forward. Discussed whether it is worth doing refreshments as most people bring picnic, although some people appreciate teas & coffees, and cold water / drinks if it’s hot. Raised £365 last year so agreed to continue, but need more volunteers. Action: Sarah L to contact existing volunteers and Heather to contact Class Reps again. Tracy volunteered to help with KS1, thank you.
c.​Danesfest – 15th July – Sean Collins – 237 tickets sold so far. Max 500. Some volunteers have stepped forward to organise & run the bar and tuck shop. Will need more volunteers on day. Actions: Sean to provide list of areas / activities where volunteers are needed. Angela to post on blog / Facebook / etc. Sean to look at selling tickets at Sports Days – can overlay Golden Giving for cash sales.
d.​Year 6 Leavers – 18th July – need Y5 volunteers. Action: Tracy to email year group & contact Karen for guidance on what is required.
e.​Detective Challenge – September 3rd (tbc) – Heather Cooper – date to be confirmed. Flyers to be handed out at new parents meeting? Action: Louisa / Heather to coordinate.
f.​Golf Day – no volunteers have come forward. Take off the plan for now.
g.​Beer Festival – September 28th (tbc) – Gia Kroeff – Can this be run on the same night as the AGM to encourage attendance at AGM? Action: Angela to contact Gia.
h.​Family Photo shoot – September 23rd (tbc) – Angela Spang – Action: Louisa to contact the photographer from the Ball to see if he’d be interested in photo shoot event. Angela to investigate other local photographers and evaluate offerings, dates / availability & options.
i.​Gin Tasting Evening – October 13th – Tess Cooper & Emma Hellewell – event proposed by 2 reception parents, to be held at the rowing club. £10 per ticket. 100 tickets. Proposal welcomed by meeting attendees. Action: Angela to contact organisers.
j.​Halloween & Christmas Discos and Pyjama night dates agreed with School (see attached Event Log)
k.​Hot Dogs – Caroline Cox & Clare Wong confirmed willing to continue activity next school year.
l.​Ice Lolly Sale – Wednesday 21st June – Agreed at meeting to do an ice lolly sale due to very warm weather. Post Meeting Note: Lucy organised the sale at very short notice selling the ice lollies which were already stocked in the freezer (thank you Christine Mitchell). Good communication via yahoo groups, etc. and signage at school. Sale very successful and raised £124. Action: Lucy to coordinate with Caroline Cox & Christine Mitchell about restocking the ice lolly supply considering the space constraints with Ice Creams arriving for the next hot dog day on 6th July and Danesfest ice lolly requirements.
m.​Quiz Night – October / November – unclear if Rob Wratten may run an event. tbc.
n.​Danesfest 2018 – discussion around not running the Ball & Danesfest in the same year. Agreement not to do the Ball in 2018/9, so Danesfest agreed to be in the planning for next school year. Looking for a new owner please.

a.​Speed Limit – Tracy provided update – consultation had 328 responses of which 90% agreed with the speed limit reduction. However 35 disagreed so approval from a Cabinet Member was required. This has now been obtained and quotes for the work are being sought.
b.​Car park – refused planning to remove additional trees in parents car park in from of Lewis wing on the basis that the building becomes visible from the road. Discussions on-going about safety aspect of cars queuing on main road versus visibility of buildings. Re: staff car park, the gravel slope up to the new area of the car park is deteriorating. Need to tarmac the ramp.
c.​Notice boards – frustration at not having / not being able to use PTA notice boards at school. Action: Sarah M to advise based on meetings with RAF Commander.
d.​Tent Pegs & Gazebos – whilst setting up for the circus, it was noted that 2 gazebos are damaged (one terminally) and that all the tent pegs are very bent. Request to replace the 2 gazebos & buy new tent pegs – agreed. Action: Sarah L to organise purchase.
e.​Event Log – discussed need for log / file of events & dates to publish on website / blog / Facebook, etc. Action: Sarah L to update draft that she brought to the meeting. Angela to publish.
f.​Race Night – suggestion of another ‘different’ fundraising evening raised. Action: Sarah L to add this to the list for further consideration.

8.​Date, time and venue of next meeting
​Next meeting:​Tuesday 12th September, 7.30pm, Two Brewers
​AGM:​​Thursday 28th September, 7.30pm, Danesfield School

Danesfield School PTA, Henley Road, Medmenham, Marlow, Bucks, SL7 2EW
Registered Charity No: 1130311

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