AGM Minutes

Danesfield PTA Charity

AGM Meeting Notes Sept 28 19.30-20.00


  1. Angela Spang (Chair)
  2. Sarah Lloyd (Treasurer)
  3. Louisa Brammer (Vice-Treasurer)
  4. Charlotte Briffa (Deputy Headteacher)
  5. Victoria Thomas
  6. Sam Ghani
  7. Jenny Folley
  8. Gersende Chamberlain
  9. Rebecca Ahmed
  10. Will Lewis


Apologies form Lucy Lacy & Melanie Stone.


  1. No changes to last years AGM minutes were recorded
  2. Chair Angela Spang: pleased with the work this year, thanking all those in roles as well as volunteers during the year.
  3. Treasurers report Sarah Lloyd: Total Funds Raised 2016-2017 £42,214, on par with previous years.
  4. Election of new Trustees:

Chair announces Nominations and invites further nominations from the floor.

The AGM elects with obvious and clear majority:

Chair: Victoria Thomas (trustee)

Secretary: Sam Ghani (trustee)

Treasurer: Louisa Brammer (trustee)

Vice Chair: Lucy Lacy

Vice Secretary: Jenny Folley

Vice treasurer: Melanie Stone

AOB: None

The leaving Trustees were thanked for their service, and promised to be supporting the new committee in their roles for a smooth handover.

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