Extract from The Charity Commission guidance:

“Trustees of charities have a duty of care to their charity which, if they work with vulnerable groups including children, will include taking the necessary steps to safeguard and take responsibility for them.

Your charity must put safeguards in place to protect vulnerable people from abuse, and prevent abuse happening in the first place.

Safeguarding induction training is now mandatory for all those who work directly with children, young people, their families and/or carers.

Safeguards are internal procedures and policies, for example:

  • making trustees, staff and volunteers aware of what abuse is and how to spot it
  • having a clear system of reporting concerns as soon as abuse is identified or suspected
  • responding to abuse rapidly and carrying out investigations confidentially
  • preventing harm and abuse with a rigorous recruitment and interview process

A charity that works with children should:

  • have a child protection policy – a statement explaining how the charity protects children from harm
  • put in place child protection processes which give clear, step-by-step guidance if abuse is identified
  • carry out the appropriate level of DBS checks on staff, volunteers and trustees (depending on their access to children)
  • have policies and procedures to help prevent abuse happening in the first place, such as adult workers not having one-to-one access to young people”

Links to Charity Commission information:

The PTA has adopted the school’s Safeguarding policy which can be viewed at:

Any volunteers leading events involving children should be made aware of the PTA’s duty of care and be familiar with the safeguarding policy (Chair to ensure communication). It would also be advisable before any PTA event for the lead to remind volunteers that they are working with children, run through the basics from the safeguarding policy, and note that any information disclosed should always be passed on to Sarah Morgan, the Designated Safeguard Lead.

Safeguarding in relation to new trustees

Any new trustees will need to read and sign the following Trustee Eligibility Declaration.

This document makes reference to having read and understood the Charity Commission’s safeguarding guidance.

The Trustee Eligibility Declaration requires that volunteers:

  • are willing and eligible to act as trustees
  • understand the charity’s purposes
  • have passed any checks required if the charity works with children or vulnerable people

Eligibility and suitability checks are therefore required for all new PTA trustees, in the form of a DBS check (completed via the school) and a demonstration of how skills being brought to the charity will be of benefit.

The charity’s purposes can be viewed in the Constitution.