Horrible Histories at Wycombe Swan


(deadline to buy tickets is 27 Sep!)

The PTA have organised discounted tickets to see Horrible Histories at Wycombe Swan this November.  The Horrible Histories shows are really funny and very entertaining for both parents and children (do ask around… many parents saw a Horrible Histories show in Maidenhead during Easter and they’ll tell you how good it was!).

Tickets are £12.75 each. These are for excellent seats that would normally cost £22 full price or £17 each if buying 4 family tickets.   Furthermore, not only are these great value, but each ticket sale will also raise some money for the school.

Please note: there are TWO different shows available, across 3 time slots.

Tuesday 6th November, 7pm – TERRIBLE TUDORS

  • Seats available:  Tiered stalls rows C, D, E and F.

Saturday 10th November, 2.30pm – AWFUL EGYPTIANS

  • Seats available:
    • Side stalls right – rows D, E, F, G [sold out]
    • Side stalls left – rows D, E, F, G
    • Tiered stalls – rows D, E, F, G
    • Circle – rows J, K, L
    • Untiered front stalls – rows AA, BB, CC

Saturday 10th November, 7pm – TERRIBLE TUDORS

  • Seats available: Tiered stalls rows C, D, E, F and G

wycombe swan seating